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Synthetic composite roofing is one of the best options in the industry. Unrivaled performance, 50+ year Warranties, maintenance-free, Class A Fire Rating, Wind resistance over 110+ MPH, color retention for life, with an authentic look. Paired with Stainless Steel Screws and a two ply underlayment, this will be the last roof you will buy. Not only do you have protection from breakage and cracking that will inevitably require repairs but you will also have a maintenance free roof that doesn’t require regular maintenance and cleaning. Synthetic composite roofs are available in Slate, Shake, Shingle, and Spanish tile profiles and a variety of colors including Custom Colors.

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Advantages of Composite Roofing

  1. Strength and Protection - Fire Resistant, Class 4 impact rating (the highest in the industry), Miami Dade Approved, and a 50 year Warranty.
  2. Authentic Look - Synthetic products are so authentic in its appearance that no one could tell the difference when placed side-by-side with its natural counterparts – even up close.
  3. Eco Friendly - Synthetic composite roofs are made with recyclable materials like hemp fibers and post industrial plastics, manufacturers like Brava Roof Tiles promote eco friendly products by reducing waste and promoting green living! Green roofs are the way to go. Not only are they made from recycled materials, but they are recyclable once they have to be replaced. In the long term, this roof won’t need replacement for 50+ years, virtually eliminating replacement costs for you and reducing your ecological footprint.
  4. Lightweight - Synthetic options allow for easy installation of a ‘Tile’ or ‘Slate’ look without the need for costly structural modifications or special installation techniques. If your home is structured for a shingle roof you can have a Tile Roof look with synthetic roofing materials.
  5. Cost - Composite roof shakes and slate are extremely attractive because you can attain the look of expensive slate at a fraction of the cost. Synthetic tile is comparable to concrete tile with an average upgrade of 30% - 40%. Comparing cost to the innumerable benefits it is easy to see the added advantage and value of synthetic roofing.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Composite Roofing

  1. Cost - The initial investment of Synthetic Composite is comparable to a Metal or Stone Coated Metal Roof, but definitely more expensive than shingles.
When searching for the right roofing material for you, synthetic roofing composite roofing should definitely be one of the top options. With great advantages over traditional roofing materials such as durability, wind resistance, fire resistance, fade resistance, maintenance free, eco friendliness, and 40 - 50 year warranties, it is evident that synthetic roofing is the best in the industry.