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Seamless Gutters are absolutely vital in South Florida Due to the amount of heavy rainfall. You want to make sure water is being driven away from the foundation of your home or business to prevent future damage, corrosion, discoloration and algae growth. We always believe prevention is key and gutters are the key to preventing water damage.
  • Seamless Gutters are the most common types of gutters ranging in sizes 5 - 8 inches.
  • K Style gutters are the most common profile on single family homes.
  • Seamless gutters are gutters cut precisely to size without creating seams that could be prone to leaks.
  • Installation on most single family homes is less than ONE DAY.

We fabricate your gutter system on site to the exact measurements and custom design of your home. International Roofing currently offers both a 6 inch K Style Seamless Gutter option and 7 inch K Style Seamless Gutters to all of southwest Florida including Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero, Cape Coral, and Naples.

A great time to replace your gutter system is during the roof replacement process. Gutters are hung on the drip edge which is part of the roof system. While we remove the existing drip edge, we can remove the gutter system in one quick step. Then, we install a new gutter system during the process. 

If you plan on replacing your existing gutter system within five years of a new roof, we recommend either replacing the gutter system during the roof replacement process, or asking your roofing contractor to remove the existing gutter and leave it off.  

This is because your old gutter system will penetrate a brand new drip edge flashing. If you replace that system in a year after getting a brand new drip edge, you will damage and add even more penetrations to the new drip edge further compromising its waterproofing abilities.  

We highly recommend routine maintenance of your new gutter system (and of course, your new roof). Maintenance for gutters includes cleaning out the gutters, a nice wash, and resealing of the joints to assure the sealant is not deteriorating in the elements. As the sunshine state, southwest Florida receives intense amounts of UV rays which break down our sealants. Approximately, every six to twelve months we recommend maintenance. 

Our Shield Maintenance Program Members receive this as a part of their service and we assure to keep their roof and gutter system cleaned and waterproofed. 

What size Gutter system do I need?

Depending on the material on your roof (tile, metal, shingle, etc) and the pitch of your roof will determine what size gutter is ideal for you. Heavy rains on a very steep roof will not make it into a 6-inch gutter. 

If you have a barrel tile roof and a 7:12 pitch, you will need at least a 7-inch Gutter system.

If your home has shingles and a low pitch around 3:12, a 6-inch Gutter system will work great for you. 

We always recommend bigger is better. Bigger gutter systems will catch everything temperamental Florida skyes have to throw at us. At International Roofing, we will consult and assure you have the gutter system that will work with your existing Roofing system. Call our Gutter team for a free estimate and consultation. 

What material is right for me? 

Copper and aluminum gutters are king. Other materials are outdated and will corrode, rust, and deteriorate over time. Copper is incredibly durable and will not corrode. Aluminum is our preferred choice as we can do seamless systems, resist heavy rain, and will not rust or corrode. 

What is the process? 

  1. Call 239-202-8103 and request a Gutter System Quote 
  2. Gutter Consultation on site.
  3. Design and Proposal Submitted
  4. New Gutter System 

More questions? Contact Lorena at International Roofing - 239-202-8103